St. James Academy



Founded in 1926 by Manila Archbishop Michael O’ Doherty, the Malabon Normal School formally opened as the first Teacher Training Center Administered by the Maryknoll sisters.

In 1931 – the first Grade School Graduation took place with 20 graduates, while the High School had it two years after.

After 10 years of operation, the Normal School and the Pre-School Department were moved to Isaac Petal, Manila (now the united Nations Ave). while the Grade School and High School Department remained in Malabon in 1936. Since then, the school was renamed St. James Academy.

When World War Il broke out in 1941, the school was dosed but classes continued at the private residence at the Punzalan Family in 1980, the Maryknoll Missionaries veered its charism to full-time missionary work ending their 54 years of management. the school’s supervision was turned over to the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena.

In 2002, the five – year program known as the SJA Evening Class (SJAEC) was established as an apostolate to economically-challenged students who want to earn a High School diploma. Its first graduation took place in 2007 with 33 graduates.

In 2010, the school was turned over to the administration of another Dominican congregation, the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity as approved by the Most Reverend Deogracias S. lñiguez, Jr., D.D., Bishop of Kalookan.

Presently, St. James Academy, is a member school of CEAP, MAPSA, KADSA, and a PAASCU Accredited Institution.