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School Director Update

School Director Update

May 8, 2020


FROM          :   THE DIRECTOR

RE                 :   SOME UPDATES


Very warm greetings of peace and joy to every one!  Please know that you are all enfolded in our constant supplication to God for health and safety, so please take extra care that everybody is cooperating in controlling this pandemic by simply following conscientiously the basic health guidelines and protocols.

Due to safety priority, our previous plans for the year-end ceremonies detailed in a memo dated March 14, 2020 could no longer be possible. In lieu thereof, the administration is happy to inform you of the following:


  1.  We are preparing for some video presentations to honor our graduates and those for moving up.
  2.  Our teachers while under lockdown are participating online training and seminars to prepare them for both virtual and actual learning plans.
  3.  Currently, we are making an online census for parents/students’ readiness for online instruction to help the administration in its planning. Please take time to fill up a very simple questionnaire available at our website as early possible.
  4.  The administration is taking seriously the necessity for safety of each one, but at the same time to ensure that no one will be left behind, by exploring modes of instructions that befits our current situation.
  5.  New comers for Pre-school, Grade 1, Grade 7, & Grade 11 are encouraged to pre-register online.
  6.  Other pertinent information will just be posted as needed.


Sincerely yours,



8 thoughts on “School Director Update”

  1. Marriane D. Francisco

    Good day! Thank you for making necessary adjustments on this pandemic issues that would definitely help our students to continue learning. However, please take into considerations also the following concerns if online training will be implemented:
    1. Availability of desktop computers/laptops – not everyone has this. Some are just renting thru internet cafe.
    2. Internet access – some only use mobile data
    3. Number of hours alloted (shifting) – how will this apply for families with more than 1 student enrolled and with one desktop/laptop available. Not all can afford to buy additional desktop/laptops for their children.
    4. Will this be on a group session/ conference type?

    Hope this helps in your plans.

    Thank you and good evening!

  2. regina latumbo

    hoping you could keep us posted on the latest developments with regards to our child’s next school term – 2020-2021. thank you.

    1. Sheila S Ronquillo

      Good pm
      How this online teaching be done?
      I am worried since Im a working mom and my parents were’nt aware of using comp.
      Will they be online on the same or we can accesss the virtual lecture anytime of the day?

  3. Carolyn Vicencio

    Thank you for the update. I am in favor of online teaching and modules. If safe, we can have scheduled, once or twice a week classes, with limited number of students. Tablets can be used by those who cannot afford laptops and desktops or for those who have several kids.

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