St. James Academy


St. James Academy of Malabon is a vibrant learning community of globally competent students, guided by nurturing and professional administrators, faculty and employees, grounded in the spiritual charism of the school, and honed through innovative programs that are technology infused with modern facilities.


Enkindled by the apostolic zeal of St. James the Greater; and imbued with the Dominican ideals of Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity, we commit ourselves to be transformed holistically through:

* a God-centered curriculum for the promotion of truth, justice, peace and integrity of creation.

* Service-oriented, research-based and technology enhanced programs; and

* Initiatives that will uplift the human dignity of our stakeholders, compelling to devote selfless service to the local community and the Church to attain the fullness of life in human society.

Core Values

Academic excellence





Being a steward means upholding justice, peace, integrity of creation, unity, equality and responsibility.